For decades, we have been living in a society dominated by mass tourism. That's why I strive to seek out and explore places where the tourism industry has yet to fully develop. Over the past few years, I have traveled to numerous countries and embarked on a new project: discovering all the football pitches in the places I visit. The first country in this series was the Faroe Islands, where I was amazed to find football pitches scattered everywhere, despite the country's small size. This discovery sparked an obsession within me, leading me to spend countless hours on Google Maps searching for stadiums.
My most recent journey took me to Cabo Verde, an archipelago of ten islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Football is ingrained in the culture, and everyone partakes in the sport. During the warm period of June, as the sun begins to set around 5 PM, football pitches become inundated with players of all ages. These pitches hold great significance in the villages, serving as gathering spots for children, parents, and grandparents alike. I am grateful for the opportunity to capture photographs of these scenes and the stunning pitches.

Football is everywhere and for everyone.

Scott Groult is a Lille-based photographer focusing on football and sports culture. He is the current team photographer for LOSC Lille and a frequent contributor to Football Case Study.